REGIOEUROPA undertakes three main activities in Brussels: 

1. Information
The main mission of the office is to provide updated information to its members on the activities and decisions of the European institutions:

  • It operates as an interface facilitating contacts between the EU institutions and local authorities;
  • It gives the required information as fast as possible, while diffusing information via a web site;
  • It responds to specific requests for information from economic, social and cultural organisations of the same the area of the represented authorities.

2. Representation
It also represents local and regional authorities in Brussels as well as any other legal or natural entity that is a member:

  • It promotes and supports development and cooperation with similar organizations from all over the European Union;
  • It consolidates existing relations and favours the establishment of new European partnerships;
  • It participates in conferences, seminars, briefings and other events and represents the local authorities in networks and working sessions.

3. Technical Assistance
Working with a modern infrastructure in the heart of Europe, REGIOEUROPA helps local authorities and its other members to understand and overcome the complexity of the EU ‘labyrinth’ with the following actions:

  • Informing interested actors about the deadlines for submitting and implementing projects;
  • Taking care that the applicant entity and the competent EU services and civil servants get in direct contact;
  • Providing consulting services for preparation of projects;
  • Undertaking the required actions to find European partners;
  • Hosting local authorities and other members’ representatives and providing them with secretarial infrastructure as well as a working and meeting place.